Sunday, April 8, 2018

Not for movies only!

Well well, true believers! Believer? Hello? No, this isn't an announcement for a new Movie Wrench article or video, it's something totally different. Why? Because I didn't want to start another blog but I wanted to journal something else I started. We'll see how long I hang onto this idea. I recently came across the list for the book, "1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die." I'm always looking for some way to find new music that has some value to it. Radio is useless and while I sometimes get suggestions from friends if I ask, this is a cultivated list by critics that's supposed to embrace all sorts of music while also pointing out its importance. I'm sure there will be music I really don't like but the point is to broaden my tastes and even to try and figure out what these albums meant to people when they came out. Besides, the art of listening to albums as a whole is pretty much gone. I'm as guilty as anyone of the shuffle command.

So starting with the next post, this blog will change, possibly forever, to one where I take a long walk through 1001 albums, or as many as I can find on Apple Music.

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