Sunday, April 8, 2018

Country and Western, Louis Prima

Next in the big list is a country western album. The Louvin Brothers', "Tragic Songs of Life" was the first tonight. C+W is my least favorite type of popular music. This album is the very old, Opry style of C+W. All I can say is that I really didn't care for this album at all, it didn't change my mind about C+W music and, because of this prejudice, I can't understand its importance. I don't reject the claim, I just am so not part of that world that I am unable to comprehend it. Still, I listened to the whole thing, finding most of the songs to sound about the same.

Second was Louis Prima's, "The Wildest!" I was looking forward to this even though my only experience with Prima was from King Louis in the "Jungle Book" movie. I figured he was going to be making music somewhere between big band style and jazz and I was close enough. This was a good, fun record and I'm glad I listened to it. There was a lot of joy in his performance and the musicians were tight and lively. Prima I might look more into and listen to again.

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