Friday, April 13, 2018

#16 Billie Holiday "Lady in Satin"

From what I read about this record, it was Billie Holiday trying to make a comeback in her 40s while sounding like she was in her 70s. Apparently the victim of a terrible heroin addiction, she was at a shaky point in her life, though later claimed this as her favorite of her own recordings. I'm going to go against the author of the book and say that I generally really disliked the arrangements here as they're all typical 50s strings, softening the blow of her still amazing voice. If she'd been paired with the clarinets, saxophones and other general blues instruments instead, I think this album would have been utterly unforgettable, stunning and 100% better. That's just me. She's been through a lot. You can tell, feel it. Just wish it wasn't the Lawrence Welk Orchestra behind her.

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