Tuesday, April 10, 2018

#8 The Chirping Crickets

Buddy Holly had an unarguable impact on what would become Rock and Roll. That being said, this album held no real surprises because most of it has been so well played. This shouldn't detract from its importance because pretty much every song on here was likely a hit and I can understand why. It's catchy, fun and likely stuff that hadn't been heard before. For a youth market that was likely utterly starving for something new, something they could call their own, I bet this was the stuff of dreams. The Crickets are a tight combo and Holly had a kind of perfect voice. Worth revisiting.

EDIT: Wrote this a little too early; thought the album was done and it wasn't. The last track, "Rock Me My Baby" was, for me, the hit of the album. Never heard it before but it was bouncy and fun. Sort of like the track I liked on Fats Domino's album, one unheard that really grabbed me.

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