Wednesday, May 16, 2018

#31 Bookr T and the MGs "Green Onions"

This is an instrumental album and as such, I had a little trouble connecting with it. Unlike jazz, this stuff feels like there's supposed to be lyrics and, in some cases, there were. "Green Onions," the title track is one of those songs that you don't realize you know. It was apparently totally improvised and is easily the strongest track on the album. A lot of the rest of this feels more like knock-offs of 'real' songs. The organ, in major keys just sounds kind of cheesy to me, some of it sounding like fake rock music from 60s sitcoms. "Mo' Onions" is perhaps the second strongest track but really just feels like more of the same from track #1. "Lonely Avenue" is a good one but really, the rest of this one left me flat. A really top end Blues singer, I think could have made this better. Otherwise, it feels like something's missing.

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