Tuesday, May 15, 2018

#28 Muddy Waters "Muddy Waters at Newport 1960"

Wow. Like the Duke Ellington album from Newport, this is a hell of a disc. I've never listened to Waters, though he was a favorite of one of my previous employers. Blues isn't one of my favorite genres. That being said, this is a good, as great an entry to the Blues as I've heard. The album rocks, is exciting, soulful and elemental as it can be. The crowd can be heard to go nuts here and there, and you can tell why. Knowing nothing else about Waters, I'd say he was a master. This is definitely one of those "never would have heard it, damned glad I did" albums from this list. The 60s is going to be a tough decade as there's going to be SO much change, so much coming. Still, I'm betting when all is said and done, this is one of my favorites from the decade. A standout. Great performance.

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